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Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

We are one of the last remaining UK companies that specialise in fine pitch gears across the range



We also produced our very own Falcon Nibblers

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For over 35 years we have worked with Comitti London producing the mechanics for a range of their clocks

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"...have been dealing with Biddle & Mumford for 7 years and have always found their
service and response times to be very good. Competitive pricing and an important and
strategic supplier" April 2016

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Biddle and Mumford remains one of only a handful of speacialised British manufactuers of very small to medium sized gears and gearboxes (current capability ranging from 2 to 116mm diameter). However, there is much more to the company than just gears, as it is now a major producer of precision turned parts and also produces the Falcon and Lang nibbler tools.


We have specialised machines capable of producing high precision fine pitch gears used in aerospace, defence, ophthalmic, paper handling, model engineering, clocks and many more.


The other area of expertise is in the production of tooth pulleys, especially in small sizes. The company produces MXL, XL, L, HTD and T series pulleys in all materials for a wide UK and export client base.



Offering years of engineering knowledge

and enthusiam


With the years of knowledge and gained over the years within the industry, we are very passionate about all our projects and welcome any new challenges. As well as gears being our frontier, we have embraced many different projects with success.

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